"PR is in my DNA. It's what I'm good at doing." 

That, and the fact that I can't draw worth beans.

Serious professional with a serious sense of humor. Pictures can be misleading.

Serious professional with a serious sense of humor. Pictures can be misleading.


Debbie Girard


My official, more serious title is Principal. But what's in a title, right? So please, just call me Debbie. Or, Your PR Highness. Just kidding! 

How I Got Into PR

One day I told my boss that he either should promote me (I was overseeing the organization's United Way employee campaign, among other projects), or I would leave. Mind you, up until then, I was working crazy hours coordinating the campaign, taking care of all the logistics, blah, blah, blah. Quite frankly, I didn't think I was getting recognition for all my hard work, and thought I deserved at least a raise.

He told me to just hang on because he was working on something, but didn't tell me what. A few months later, he came over to my desk, handed me a 35mm camera and said, "Congratulations! You're doing PR now!" The camera was for all the pictures I would be taking at various special company events that I would then write about for the employee newsletter that I was responsible for writing and editing. And, as the saying goes, "the rest is history."

If I Weren't in PR, I Would Be... 

Traveling around the world and writing about all the cool places I'd visit and the people I'd meet. Having lived in other countries before instilled a passion for exploring, to remain curious, and to appreciate life. I know I'm lucky and I don't ever take that for granted.

tell a story.JPG

Best Advice I've Ever Received

"There's always a good story to tell, you just have to find it." Those words from a former boss, Steve Pisinski, have stayed with me throughout my career. Since then, I've always tried to tell amazing stories about the organizations that I've worked for, or worked with. I learned a lot from him about public relations, and not just about storytelling. Thank you, Steve. Always.


Books You'll Find On My Bedside Table

When You're Engulfed In Flames by David Sedaris. Now there's one amazing storyteller. Vivid imagery and just the right words. It's hard not to crack up when I read this book. I'm also reading Bad Girls Go Everywhere, by Jennifer Scanlon. It's a biography of Helen Gurley Brown, who helped catapult women's magazines like Cosmopolitan to the top of every women's "must read" list back in the 70's. I was a Cosmo reader from (almost!) the beginning!


My Biggest Weakness

Okay, I admit it. I drink coffee. Every day. My day doesn't get started until I've had my first cup. No calls, no meetings, nope. Must have coffee first. Then we can talk.