When Opposing Sides Listen to Each Other, Amazing Things Happen.

It's not complicated. Sitting down to talk and more importantly listen. That's what Neutex, a manufacturer of LED lighting and the IBEW did. As a result, Neutex brought back jobs to the U.S. that had once been done in China. Now some 250 American workers have good paying jobs, thanks to the foresight that what one CEO had.

When you think about the powerful message that this CEO is sending to the rest of corporate America about the need to help strengthen the middle class in this country, you can't help but admire this man. Just by his actions, he and his company have demonstrated what can be done without public relations. On the other hand, I have to think he would turn to PR to help continue the momentum and maintain the amazing reputation that his company has built thanks to his returning jobs to this country. Our hats off to you, Mr. Higgins.