What A Fifteen-Year Old Can Teach Us About Presentations

As a speechwriter I try to help my clients convey their messages through storytelling. No matter what the subject is, stories can help the audience better understand your message and what, if any, action they should take. I also help coach the speaker in how he or she should deliver the speech, including the appropriate use of hand gestures and even how to stand and walk on the stage while speaking. I coach speakers to avoid using the dreaded "uh's" that so often plagued a perfectly good speech and can ruin an overall presentation.

If only there were some tools I could use to help stress the importance of eliminating those distracting elements from a presentation. Something that can help inspire the speaker to let go of the stiffness that can get in the way of an effective presentation. And then I found it: a video that not only exemplifies a really good speaker, but someone who doesn't use any  "uh's" and other forms of distractions that can mar an otherwise compelling story.

I discovered this video of Kelvin Doe, a young man, more specifically a remarkable, amazingly smart and articulate teenager from Sierra Leone, who has become a YouTube sensation because of his passion for invention and resourcefulness. But while I was awestruck by his passion and perseverance for wanting to help his community, I was equally struck by his gift for storytelling and grown-up presentation skills. 

Need to make a speech and presentation? Watch this video to become inspired. Amazing what a teenager from Sierra Leone can teach the grown-up world of business about storytelling and presentations.