Great Twitter Basics For Getting Blog Exposure. Thanks, Molly!

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I was scanning my Twitter feed and someone had tweeted about how bloggers can get exposure for their blogs using Twitter. So I clicked on the link and lo and behold! Some really practical ways for relatively new bloggers like yours truly to use Twitter for getting exposure for their blogs. This is just the kind of advice that bloggers need to understand just how valuable and powerful Twitter can be in terms of gaining readership. Yay, thank you so much, Molly Greene! I now subscribe to Molly's newsletter and I suggest you do too! Great advice and tips in relatively short articles. 

Why Is Twitter So Darn Addicting?

Now that I've rediscovered Twitter after having an account that was somewhat dormant for a while, I'm really eager to get things going. I want to engage in conversations with followers and potential followers. Without deliberate effort, I find myself getting more and more involved (and interested) in social media, marketing, etc. And more importantly, how to integrate what I'm learning to be a part of my PR efforts. These days, social media and marketing must be a part of an integrated PR approach. Enough said for now. Thoughts?

When Opposing Sides Listen to Each Other, Amazing Things Happen.

It's not complicated. Sitting down to talk and more importantly listen. That's what Neutex, a manufacturer of LED lighting and the IBEW did. As a result, Neutex brought back jobs to the U.S. that had once been done in China. Now some 250 American workers have good paying jobs, thanks to the foresight that what one CEO had.

When you think about the powerful message that this CEO is sending to the rest of corporate America about the need to help strengthen the middle class in this country, you can't help but admire this man. Just by his actions, he and his company have demonstrated what can be done without public relations. On the other hand, I have to think he would turn to PR to help continue the momentum and maintain the amazing reputation that his company has built thanks to his returning jobs to this country. Our hats off to you, Mr. Higgins.

Avoid Sweaty Palms Before Your Presentation

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This article gives some very useful tips to help you prepare for the next presentation you'll be delivering. What's more, the author offers these tips in an easy-to-digest format instead of going on and on. He gets to the point, and that's what you need, especially if you don't have a lot of time to prepare ahead of time. But a word of caution: always, always prepare even if you know your presentation material well. 


What A Fifteen-Year Old Can Teach Us About Presentations

As a speechwriter I try to help my clients convey their messages through storytelling. No matter what the subject is, stories can help the audience better understand your message and what, if any, action they should take. I also help coach the speaker in how he or she should deliver the speech, including the appropriate use of hand gestures and even how to stand and walk on the stage while speaking. I coach speakers to avoid using the dreaded "uh's" that so often plagued a perfectly good speech and can ruin an overall presentation.

If only there were some tools I could use to help stress the importance of eliminating those distracting elements from a presentation. Something that can help inspire the speaker to let go of the stiffness that can get in the way of an effective presentation. And then I found it: a video that not only exemplifies a really good speaker, but someone who doesn't use any  "uh's" and other forms of distractions that can mar an otherwise compelling story.

I discovered this video of Kelvin Doe, a young man, more specifically a remarkable, amazingly smart and articulate teenager from Sierra Leone, who has become a YouTube sensation because of his passion for invention and resourcefulness. But while I was awestruck by his passion and perseverance for wanting to help his community, I was equally struck by his gift for storytelling and grown-up presentation skills. 

Need to make a speech and presentation? Watch this video to become inspired. Amazing what a teenager from Sierra Leone can teach the grown-up world of business about storytelling and presentations.

A "To Do" App That Can Help You Stay On Track


If you're like most people these days, you have a busy schedule, juggling meetings, conference calls, personal stuff, and just trying to stay organized so you can get all those things done on your To Do list. 

A few years ago, before smartphones, I relied heavily on a Day Runner (remember that?) to keep me on track in terms of appointments, meetings, calls, projects, and everything else. I also used to go through and highlight certain things with different colors so that at a glance, I could see the high priority things versus the things that could wait until well, whenever.

Fast forward to today and now I have this app on my smartphone and my desktop called To Do that has really helped keep me focused on the things I really need to get done, and in the priority that I decided. The best part is: I can highlight each task according to the list it's assigned. Whee! It is such a user-friendly app, and it didn't take any time at all to learn how to use it.

Having something like this To Do app to help keep me organized is so important. At a glance I can see when things are due, when things are overdue (it's marked in RED, so you can't ignore it), and even tells you things that you've sheduled out in the future. How cool is that?

You have to try it for yourself. I think you'll agree that it's absolutely essential today as we all try to juggle a busy schedule and try to maintain some kind of order to things. Now you can get rid of all those scratch paper you used to use to jot things down!


An Amazing Alternative to PowerPoint. You Want This.

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As I was searching the Internet for bloggers who write about presentations, and offer suggestions and how-to's for creating alternative slide presentations to PowerPoint, I came across Haiku Deck. It's presentation software that helps you tell your story using images and fewer words. It's how all presentations should be created. Not those awful, bullet-point ladened slides with a bazillion words using a tiny font size. The kind of presentation that will inevitably get your audience to start texting on their phone under the table. So much for delivering your message that people will remember. 

Right now the company doesn't have a Web version of their presentation software. It's available for the iPad. Eventually they plan to offer a Web version, so until then, we can all try Haiku Deck on the iPad. That is, if you have one. I do, so I'll try it and let everyone know what I think of it. If you do try it out, let me know what you think of the software.

In the meantime, check out the Haiku Deck's gallery to provide some inspiration for your killer presentation. That's what I'm going to do! 









4 Quick (and Easy!) Steps to Unsend an Email.

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We've all done it. I have, but thankfully, I learned my lesson. What am I talking about?Hitting the Send button on email too soon! If you use Google Mail, you'll want to pay attention, unless you already know about it, in which case, feel free to get up and get some coffee! For the rest of you, I want to share this really amazing tip for taking back that email you didn't mean to send.

 I've been using Google Mail for a number of years now but I sure didn't know that there was this handy dandy "Undo" button that's available for all times when you need to retract emails you didn't mean to send, or changed your mind about sending. Sometimes we hit that "Send" button just a little too soon.

This extremely valuable tip is courtesy of Claire Diaz-Ortiz, who knows about social media inside and out, including being a supreme expert on Twitter.

Here's are the basic steps for activating the "Undo Send" button in Google Mail:

  1. Go to "Settings," which can be found when you click on the gear icon under your profile photo.
  2. Find the "Labs" tab and click on it. 
  3. Scroll down the list until you find "Undo Send," click the Enable button.
  4. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click "Save Changes." 

At this point you'll be able to undo any email you send from Google Mail. You'll know this setting is on because when you send your message, you immediately see above your inbox, the message: "Sending message. Undo. View message." When you see this, quickly click on "Undo." If you've caught it in time, you should get this second message at the top: "Sending has been undone." And your email will pop up. So now, for Pete's sake, delete the darn message!

But you say, "What if I don't catch it in time? What's my recourse?" Well, no need to panic. There's a way to yourself more time in case your finger just isn't fast enough to hit  "Undo."  

For this, go back to Settings, but this time go to the "General" tab.

  1. Scroll down the list of actions on the left hand column until you find "Undo Send." There should be a checkmark in the box next to "Enable Undo Send."
  2. Right below that you'll see, "Send cancellation period:" This is where you have options that give you from 5-30 seconds to hit "Undo Send." 
  3. Again, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page where you need to click the "Save Changes" button. 

All that's left to do now is to test it, and I strongly recommend you do this at least a couple of times to make sure that you're able to undo an email message in the amount of time you've selected.

Please let me know if this did or did not work for you. I'm so glad that I know about this valuable feature on Google Mail now. Thank you, Claire!